We help individuals, corporations and businesses file taxes quickly and correctly – and get the maximum refund they’re entitled to.
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One of the most complex parts of handling taxes is the actual preparation of documents for submission to the IRS. Could they make it any more challenging to fill out your tax forms?

According to the law, taxpayers are accountable for preparing tax returns for submission each year during tax season. Unfortunately, it’s not just a simple task of auditing. It’s a process that takes excellent skills of analysis and reasoning, along with the actual preparation of the forms. Not to mention you also have to have excellent record keeping and organization skills. And did we mention the added challenge of including exactly the right records and deductions without including too much or too little in the way of documentation?


When you have KF Tax & Accounting, P.C. on your side, you can be at peace each year at tax time. We specialize in fast and reliable tax preparation services for individual submissions or corporate taxpayers. No delays, no errors. You can feel confident in our honest and prompt services so you can file your taxes with the assurance of accuracy and timeliness. By getting the assistance of a KF Tax & Accounting, P.C. professional preparer, you can avoid throwing away money having to resolve future issues.

And did we mention – the earlier you file, the earlier you receive your refund!

Our services are as follows:

Individual Tax Filing

  • Home Mortgage Deductions
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Self Employment Income
  • Capital Gains/ Losses
  • Education Credits
  • Etc.

Corporate Tax Filing

Tax filing for small to medium sized businesses and corporations including:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCS)
  • “C” Corporations
  • “S” Corporations
  • Partnership Returns

For more information and inquiries about our Tax Preparation and Filing services, please contact us and let us help you!