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Is Payroll Processing Decreasing Your Profitability?
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Let KF Tax and Accounting end the payroll hassles and increase your productivity (and profits)!

It’s no secret among small business owners that payroll processing is costly in time and money. Discover the benefits of outsourcing your payroll processing to skilled professionals and experience the increase in productivity and profits as you get back to the work of actually running your business.

Our web-based payroll services will streamline your payroll processing activities and leave you with plenty of time to do the things that actually grow your business.

We offer small business payroll processing services including:

  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Paystubs Sent to Employees
  • Worry-Free Payroll Tax Filing
    • EFTPS Deposits
    • State Tax Deposits
    • QuickBooks Setup

Click here and let us help you outsource the hassle of payroll and get back to running a more profitable business.