Got the IRS on your back? Let us help!
money handed to the accountant

You may even qualify for a reduced payment!

Handling audits, back taxes, liens, garnishments, or any other IRS problems can be scary.

So don’t handle them alone.

Let us help you! Immediately call a KF Tax & Accounting, P.C. professional upon your receipt of a letter from the IRS. KF Tax & Accounting, P.C. can help you resolve your issues with the IRS as soon as possible and arrive at a settlement that is most advantageous in your case.

We work with you personally to come up with the most feasible solution. We have been dealing with hundreds of IRS issues throughout the years and we never fail a single client with arriving at a mutually agreeable solution so you can reinstate your “good taxpayer” status as quickly as possible.

  • Tax Levies, Garnishments, Liens – we can handle it all.
  • Get time to pay – we’lll set up installment agreements with the IRS
  • Pay less than you owe! For tax payers who qualify, we will make arrangements with the IRS with their Offer In Compromise Program

You don’t have to go through your IRS tax problems alone.

Don’t suffer from shame and fear alone. We want to help.

KF Tax & Accounting, P.C. is always available to help you not only resolve your IRS issues, but also help you through the emotional stress that comes along with it. Contact us today for compassionate help with your questions and inquiries.